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NX™ is a shader system for Electric Image Universe Animator. You can think of NX as a kind of Adobe Photoshop* small file with 4 Layers inside. This 4 Layers contain a wide collection of 30 possible choices ranging from Ramps to Noises and Reactive (external) reading, and all these Layers can be combined using the well known blending modes such as "Add", "Multiply" "Overlay", "Screen"..etc as well as Opacity.

NX is cappable of creating endless different looks. Each Noise has been carefully modified and designed to produce lots of different things. Terrains, Marbles, Tree Barks, Stones, Boulders, Granites, Waters, Fabrics, Skins, Jewels, Flesh, Planets, Asteroids, Metals, Plastics, Rusts, Moss, Rusted Paints, Walls, Woods and many, many more! NX comes with a online Material Repository with more than 300 samples and materials to download !!.

Each Layer features the same controls, including "Levels" In and Out ranging, Offset, Scale, Reactiveness, Auto-Animation, Inclination based placement, 3 Color Chips, The Noise Type choice menu, plus the Mix Mode and the Layer Opacity. Each Layer can be fully calculated and displayed, calculated but not displayed and completelly killed and not calculated for faster render speeds.

Each Layer can be blent with the previous one using the well known "Photoshop Style" Blend Modes, and its own Opacity value. However, there is more, as each Layer values can also be modified by previous layer information, such as RGB values or Noise Values, as well as external reactive information.

NX includes a sweet WYSIWYG color based Bump controls. Bumps are generated based on the color information that NX is generating, not in internal Noise pointers. This means that, if you modify your colors using the built in "Levels" (In and Out features), the Bump will be also modified! Can you say "Bump Level Controls"? YES.

NX Built-in fine Displacement control allows you to deform any object based on NX results. Terrains, Oceans, rocks, asteroids and many more are just a click away with NX.

The Global Controls section allows to modify all the shader features at once, including Density, Global Offset, and a unique Reactive and Opacity control directed by external information OR by internal information based on colors and separated Layer Values. These Opacity controls have also its own Level controls to fine tune the effects.

Additional GLobal OutPut Modes include driving the information to any available channel of your choice including Diffuse, Specular, Reflection..etc. NX also includes another "Photoshop-like" control such as "Hue & Saturation". Once your material is constructed you have additional control to fine-tune the color , saturation and value, as our Konkeptoine's ColorFilter does .
*Adobe Photoshop is a trademark property of Adobe Systems.